Francesca Cosmi and Walter Fantino


International Sand Art Festival

Konark, Odisha, INDIA, 1-5 December 2013

a big thank you to Sudarshan Pattanaik

Each day a different theme sculpture with soft sand and all this for 5 day.

A fantastic experience in front of the Indian Ocean for the Italian team "Sandytales".

An amazing challenge against the clock and with no sand compaction.

DAY 1 subject HERYTAGE: Vitruvio Man of Leonardo da Vinci

DAY 2 subject ECOSUSTAINABILITY: The cry of nature against pollution.

DAY 3 subject WATER: save water, save life.

DAY 4 subject NATURE: Human Nature: flower and fire

DAY 5 subject HISTORY: the origins of architecture and spirit.

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