Francesca Cosmi and Walter Fantino


International Sand Festival,

Haeundae, South Korea,23 May - 8 June 2014

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32 mt long, 8 mt hight, 1.300 cube meters, 2.210 tona of soft sand, 320 square meters of sculpted surface, 75 kg undiluted glue, 7.500 lter of water for glue, 10 days of sculpting, 2 days of glueing, 2 people and lots lots of fun!

This is a new standard for italians crazy sculptors


Sandytales presentation and story of the sandsculpture

Full wiew the finished work

Sandytales is very small on the big sand mountain


Tarzan's tree house and the gorilla smiling at Cheetah

The carnovorous plant in the temple and Jane with Tarzan in Haeundae beach


More pictures of the spectacular Busan city and Haeundae Beach in South Korea

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