Francesca Cosmi and Walter Fantino


25 March to 9 April 2012 - Merate (MI) Palace Prinetti

A unique event in Italy planned and implemented by Andrea Gaspari:

"One Hundred  Christs x One Hundred  Artists"

As the title of the event suggests, one hundred artists in the world lend their work to represent the passion of Christ with 100 works.

Sandytales participates with its own creation of the first crucifix in sand.

For the occasion a "magic formula" has been set up that even allows transportation and durability notwithstanding its fragility, we guarantee the absence of concrete or other durable binders, the work can be crumbled by hand to get back to its sand origins.



The sand Christ.



The interior of one of the rooms

Andrea Gaspari and Sandytales


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